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08/16/2014 “New Era: Mechanized Combat” Is coming along very well. We have a good number of the game mechanics made, and have a load-out coming a long fine.  
Made with Xara
04/28/2014 New project is going very well. The new project is called “New Era: Mechanized Combat” updates will be posted soon.
03/30/2014 Fox Delta Command still be in production but due to a few personal things, with out team members, we will start a new project to make up for the time that Fox Delta Command will slow down. 
Game Projects. Fox Delta Command
Fox Delta Command is a tactical shooter being developed with the Unity3D Game Engine for the PC.
New Era: Mechanized Combat
Dreadful Undead is what started it all for Fox Delta Games. Dreadful Undead is a wave by wave survival zombie first person shooter; the player is set in 3 level, a gas station in the middle of the desert, in the open country side, and in a shopping center. Your objective is to survive 5 waves for each level.
Dreadful Undead
New Era: Mechanized Combat is a  new mech combat game in production by Fox Delta Games. Game will feature full blown single player campaign action with possible multiplayer added later on.